UTSB Membership

UTSB Membership provide students and young professionals a platform to learn, network, and explore their careers within the sports industry.
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U of T Students $25.00

Non-U of T $30.00


1. Sports industry learning resources

Members will be added to a Slack channel that will have Sports Industry event notifications such as Webinar links or in-person events, as well as interesting articles, platforms that members can read and learn from real-life instances. We do our research to save your time!

2. Sports industry jobs market research

Through a different Slack Channel, our team will be posting job market research for any aspect of the Sports Industry, so as to cover all our members' interests. As our team looks for opportunities weekly, you can expect to find something for you easily!

3. Members-only tutorials, webinars - Slack notifications via channel

Through our initiative UTSB Talk, we have realized how beneficial a Webinar can be for someone to get personal insights from an industry professional. Because of this, we want to provide our members the opportunity to sit in on exclusive Webinars and gain extra benefits.

4. Discount to our events

Very straightforward, we will be hoping to host many events this year (COVID-pending) and we want all of our members to be in attendance if possible, because of this, we want to provide each member with a discount to each event!

5. Exclusive UTSB job opportunities

Early application to volunteer at the UTSB Sports Industry Conference. A great benefit of being part of the UTSB is our conference and being a part of the experience. This leads to meeting new people and making valuable connections. So, this year we want to also give our members the ability to partake in this and benefit! We also provide exclusive opportunities with our partners, some of the internships and jobs that you cannot find on the job market!

6. Membership card benefits with stores and restaurant

With some partners already finalized, and hopefully many more to come, you will have the opportunity to use your membership ID at restaurants and stores to redeem a discount on your purchase! These are all restaurants and stores with healthy and positive images that we love to go in Toronto and online!

7. Early application to UTSB executive position (U of T students only)

Want to be a part of Canada's largest student-run sports business association? We provide our members with early application when we expand our team, and when 2021-22 recruitment open!



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U of T Students $35.00

Non-U of T $40.00

General Membership benefits included:

1. Sports industry learning resources
2. Sports industry jobs market research
3. Members-only tutorials, webinars
4. Discount to our events
5. Exclusive UTSB job opportunities
6. Membership card benefits with stores and restaurant
7. Early application to UTSB executive position (U of T students only)

Premium includes all of the General membership benefits and the following:

8. Application to UTSB mentorship program

The UTSB is developing another new initiative for our team members involving industry professionals acting as mentors chosen by common interests in the field of their choice. Depending on the size of the mentor class, we will be providing the opportunity for Premium Members to apply for this program!

9. 1-on-1 consulting

Our team has an abundance of Sports Industry experience and this 1-on-1 consulting benefit will be useful for any students that want to ask questions about navigating the industry, a great tool to get to know our team as well! (2 times per member throughout the membership)

10. Resume review

Everyone knows how stressful it can be to work your resume to showcase your skills and expertise perfectly. Because of industry techniques we have learned through our own trials, we will be opening the Premium membership to having your resume reviewed! (2 times per member throughout the membership)

11. Industry networking group on Linkedin

An Industry Networking group on Linkedin will allow premium members to network and exchange ideas.



As the largest student-run sports business association in Canada, the University of Toronto Sports & Business Association is excited to introduce the UTSB Membership program launching August 2020. The UTSB membership is a collection of exclusive events, opportunities, networks, and resources. Members can enjoy discounts and early access to events, pre-recorded events, exclusive internship opportunities, a large professional network, and many more features. Members will gain access to a Slack channel that will be updated with the key features listed it the membership description. The membership will last the duration of the academic year, beginning September 1, 2020, and last until May 1, 2021.

The value for money with the membership program is incredible opening access to members only events and personal connections with industry executives. The membership aims to strengthen the sports industry community in Toronto and connect with professionals worldwide. There are two levels of memberships available and the features differ as stated in the description of the memberships. We encourage the general public as well as U of T students to join the membership program creating a large, diverse network or sports enthusiasts. This offers an opportunity to develop professionally and build relationships early on.

UTSB has been helping to take Canadian sports business to the next level, by providing insights, building connections, creating opportunities throughout the last 9 years and will continue to do so. As UTSB steps into its 10th year, we are looking to create more partnerships, conversations, and involvement for our members, partners, and the sports industry community.