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Thank you for a successful TSIC 2022!

The University of Toronto Sports and Business Association (UTSB) hosted its 11th annual SIC to continue forward-thinking conversations by bringing brilliant leaders and young professionals together to network, learn, and discuss the current sports business, innovation, and performance landscapes. TSIC2022 covered unique and innovative panel topics over the course of 2 full-days with self-scheduled networking meetings with other attendees and professionals!

The two-day conference provided guests with top-notch opportunities for in-depth discussions, career development, and shone lights toward the ones who deserve recognition. Sessions included Industry Insights with Blue Jays CEO, Mark Shapiro, and Toronto FC and Argos President, Bill Manning. These valuable marquee sessions gave attendees a taste of what it means to work in the sports industry and gained quality advice from sports professionals.


Our organization is committed to improving North American sports industry development, specifically the uprising Canadian industry. The UTSB is excited for next year's TSIC which will provide bigger and better opportunities for students seeking career opportunities in sports!


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Schedule & Representatives

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