About UTSB

Mission: Creating an accessible pathway for UofT students looking to break into the sports industry now and long into the future.


President's Message

UTSB proudly champions our position as Canada’s largest student-run sports business association as we continue to find new ways to build the sports business community at UofT and beyond. Our team is dedicated to creating new opportunities, providing unique insights, and to starting new conversations centered around the future of sports business. Whether you are a student, professional, potential partner or anything in between we would love to work together to create a better, more accessible and diverse Canadian Sports Industry. Keep a look out for what is ahead with UTSB in 2021-22!

- Joseph Nina, President

At UTSB, we honour the values of...


Since 2011, the University of Toronto Sports and Business Association (UTSB) has been bringing some of the best sports business conferences to the University of Toronto. Consistently delivering impressive lineups of speakers, UTSB has made it a mantra to bridge the gap between students and the sports industry. Our reach includes students, faculty, alumni, and industry professionals from numerous organizations located both within the GTA and across North America.